"Walk of Witness" organised by Churches together in Croydon

Dear all,

Good Friday Walk of Witness and Re-enactment of the Crucifixion 2015

Very many thanks to all of you for your excellent support, in so very many ways over the years, to make this event so successful in the past. As you all well know, the Walk of Witness and re-enactment of the Crucifixion in Croydon has become somewhat of a tradition over the last 18 years. As you also may know Mother Pat has resigned from the Chair of this event and we would like to thank her for all her hard work over the past 4 years. We believe it has been laid on our hearts to ensure that this tradition continues and therefore the Walk of Witness will be happening again on the morning of Good Friday, 3rd April 2015.

We are a team headed by the Reverend Steve Early, Pastor of Addiscombe Baptist Church, who has now kindly agreed to taken over as the Minister in charge of the organization of the event, and we do hope that you will continue to support the event as you have done in the past.

It is a unique opportunity for fellow Christians, of all denominations, to walk together through the Centre of Croydon and bear witness to the public that the churches are united in their belief in the meaning of Good Friday and to remind the shoppers of what Good Friday is really about. This event has attracted media attention every year. In 2014 we had an excellent spread of photographs of the Crucifixion distributed to some 200,000 homes in Croydon, reminding them of the true meaning of Good Friday.

Through involvement in this event, many people have experienced something of what happened over 2000 years ago and perhaps this has given them the opportunity to reflect on how much God loves them.

We do know that it has moved many people and can change their lives.


There will be the usual 3 processions and re-enactment of the drama outside the Alms Houses. It will be at the usual times – the 3 processions leaving their start points at 10.30am and the drama starting at 11.00 am outside the Almshouses. The Salvation Army will be playing outside Marks and Spencers at the end of the final “funeral” procession.


For the moment, would you kindly note in your diary and church calendar that the event will be happening, and ensure that it is included in your planning of services and activities for Easter and think of anyone in your congregation who might be suitable for us to approach to be involved.


ACTORS, SINGERS, MUSICIANS, SOUND, BACK STAGE AND COSTUME PEOPLE . We are, as always, looking for new people to be involved in the event, all are welcome, in particular we would welcome younger people who are talented thespians, singers, musicians. We will need 3 people to play the part of Jesus, to carry the cross and head up each of the processions. Would you kindly all liaise and let me know who you think would be suitable and prepared to perform this somewhat exacting, but very meaningful role, and play the part of Jesus to head up the South Croydon Procession as soon as possible. As well, we need sounds technicians, stage hands,costume and make-up artists etc.


Can you also think about who might be effective in handing out leaflets to the shoppers. These need to be "evangelical" people who are very good at talking to people. It may be that some of you yourselves might want to take on the role of leaflet dropping and talking to shoppers if this is your gifting? The stewards need to be carefully selected, assertive enough to deal with crowds but also amiable people. These two roles – evangelical leaflet droppers and stewards really are so very important on the day and can make such a big difference in how we actually interact with the public.


Something which has been gradually disappearing in recent events is the carrying of church placards with the names of churches on them, making the fact that this is an ecumenical event very clear to the shoppers. So if each church could get someone to sort out placard (s) on a stick (s) with three/four lines of writing, that would be great. First line, across the top the words “CHURCHES TOGETHER IN CROYDON” , middle lines, the name of your church and street name, and bottom line the denomination of church. It would also be helpful if you could identify people to carry the placards carefully, upright without waving them about - we don't want to knock anyone's head off!


Would you also kindly check the above email distribution list, which is meant to include all of the churches in the South Croydon Group of Churches Together, and let me know if anyone has been excluded or if the email addresses are incorrect? And has anyone got an email address for St. Dominic's please, the address on their website seems to not work for me?


Also early bad weather alert - I will be knocking on your doors for help with funding at some point in the near future, so can you be counting your pennies please and earmark some to support this event. Patrick Wells, a Finance Officer at Southwark Council and long standing member of St. Mary Magdalene Canning Road has kindly agreed to be the Treasurer for the Good Friday event.


It isn't always possible for us to know if we have missed some skills or talents of people in all the Churches in South, Central Corydon and Addiscombe, so if there is anyone out there who feels that they would like to be involved in anyway or that they have been passed over and would like to take on a particular role please let Toni Suffolk know.


Please pray for this event. It is an outreach event and as such does take its fair share of spiritual attack so needs to be held in prayer from here on in.

There will be further communications as preparation for the event progresses. Please bear with us as we take over the reigns of this event, and point us in the right direction if anything is missing in the expected communications.

Very many thanks and God bless all

Toni Suffolk, Coordinator, Churches Together in Croydon Good Friday Team

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