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Scratch the surface and there will be differing views, from the more liberal to the more traditional. The Word of God discerned through the Bible and the guidance of the Spirit are central to our worship, junior church teaching and discussion/study groups. We study the Bible to look for universal truths but, bearing in mind that Biblical scholarship is ever developing, we seek to consider the social, political and cultural context in which the books were written. God reveals himself in the life of Jesus and in the working of the Spirit, and is seen in the words and actions of all of our brothers and sisters in the human race, every one of whom is made in his image. God is also revealed in the wonders of creation.

Our worship style is on the whole fairly formal (in the sense of having a fairly regular ‘form’) and quiet, but not without joy. Our stance towards peace, justice and equality issues is perhaps more radical than would be immediately obvious by our worship style. We are open-minded and willing to be challenged.  Come - and see for yourself.

May God bless you today and every day, as you seek to learn more about what it means to follow Jesus Christ.

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